YETI® Photo Engraving Options

You have 2 options when it come to photo engraving on YETI® products;

DIY - see our guide below
Outsource to a proffessional designer

Both options have prositives and negatives.

DIY - Quick and easy, the file is ready in minutes, downside may not get the result you are after.

Outsource - Awesome image quality with great detail, you get to keep the file - downside, it costs money and takes time.

You can orgainise your own proffesional to do this or we have a designer that we work with, that will trace your image to a line drawing that is perfect for laser engraving. This will process will usually take a day or two and cost varies on the level of detail in the image.

As you can see form the example below, the results are excellent!

Line Drawing1.jpg__PID:49e9902d-033e-4ef5-9fb2-c88185642dc7
Line Drawing 2.jpg__PID:902d033e-bef5-4fb2-8881-85642dc77dda
Remove background project (86).png__PID:7e35fa4e-9e49-487e-9249-e9902d033ebe

How to prepare your photo for engraving!

Laser engraved YETI's make a great gift, especially when you add cherish memories from one your photographs.

- Lasers have limitations when engraving images on cylinders.
- The lasers only see in black and white, they can not see or produce shading.

Below is step by step guide to preparing your photographs for engraving.

2 free tools to adjust your images for engraving you can use are:

Both of these tools are easy and free.

Craiyon Backgorund Remover - does what it name says, removes unwanted backgrounds!
It is a little slower than some, but you get a HD image without signing up to anything.

Vectordad Photo to Outline - is a free outline vector service with a live preview.
This tool allows you create outline of your design using the sliders to refine your image in real time.

Images with good contrast work best.

Lets look at the examples below!

Original Image


Now using Craiyon background remover we end up with this image below.


With the image background cleaned up, we can outline the image.

Using Vectordad -photo to outline
You can manipulate the 4 different sliders you can change the appearance of your image dramatically.
Best of all, you can see the effects in real time!

Once you are done, download your image as a 2000 pixel PNG.

Screenshot 2024-06-01 124830.png__PID:5409f4f3-4eb8-44ac-b860-a6ec027c4e81

Now all you need to do is upload this file to your selected YETI product and off you go.

If you have any question, please let us know.